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About me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website with fine art, product photography and illustrations.

Macro photography and the art of illustration are my passions, allowing me to experience nature at it’s most beautiful.

This journey naturally led me to the world of product photography, where I find joy in capturing the metamorphosis of products, from conceptualization to the final image, through editing, and ultimately to print or online display. As a graphic designer I combine this with Sidebury, the design studio I co-run with Stephen. Together, we empower businesses to shine through exceptional graphic design and cutting-edge websites.

If you have any questions, want to collab or you would like to buy a print, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Anke Wellens

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Would you like more information about Sidebury?

Sidebury is the design studio of myself and Stephen De Ceuster. You can find us in the small cozy Herselt. We design brochures, magazines, websites, corporate identities, logos, packaging and other print material. You can also contact us for further elaboration (printing, SEO, programming…) through our network of specialists with whom we work.